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    I’ve been considering for quite awhile the concept of becoming a copywriter, and or a copyeditor. But the biggest problem is the following
    * Is there a market for this?
    * How does one get started?
    * Is there classes I should take?
    * Is there a certificate or some sort of accreditation that shows people I’ve done what I have to do, in order to have their business?
    * Then how do you start in the business? Solicitation of local businesses?
    I’ve seen ‘classes’ from possibly good places such as Writer’s Digest but the costs give me pause. I don’t mind paying $250 or more /if the classes are worthy but I don’t want to pay out good money if they’re their not worth my time. I actually took two classes from an on-line services for my job, and found they wasn’t accepted since they wasn’t accredited so I was out $200, so I’m a bit reluctant.
    Just a quick question to double check. A “Copywriter” is a business ad writer, and I’m assuming a “Copyeditor” is one that actually edits and checks business ads? The terms are a bit confusing.

    Please help.

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